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Recruiting, training and retaining employees absorb costs that could be allocated to keeping employees happier at work, improving morale, productivity and retention. Stop throwing money at the problem and focus on creating a strategy that solves the problem for good. Well-designed wellness programs have been proven to increase employee retention, strengthen company culture and improve employee engagement at all levels.



  • “Kim is an outstanding speaker who brings great energy and credibility to her wellness presentations. Unlike some who speak in theory, Kim has tested her concepts in the real world!”
    Kristen Russell, FSA, MAAA
    Chief Executive Officer, Fall River Benefits
  • “I have known Kim for many years. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak at local events, and her passion and energy are amazing. She has led fitness breaks and spoken on concepts of health and wellness that gave us a fresh perspective. We recently hosted Kim at our Colorado Chapter of ISCEBS (International Society of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists) luncheon, and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements or fitness programs for your organization.”
    Laura Earley
    President, CEBS Colorado
  • “Mile High Fitness & Wellness has been a valuable wellness provider for Denver Health with its high quality instructors.”
    Tracy Shea
    Denver Health and Hospitals

About Kim

Kim is a Corporate Wellness Expert, dynamic speaker, trainer and educator. Her wellness career spans 10 years and her experience ranges from managing wellness programs, fitness classes and other healthy initiatives at corporate locations. As a speaker on health and wellness topics, she has partnered with many nonprofit organizations, donating her time to serving many communities. She is passionate about tennis, dance, reading, traveling and eating chocolate.

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Improve Outcomes and Engagement

Many groups face challenges with engagement in wellness programs, wasting valuable time, resources and funding. Challenges include offering the wrong initiatives, not communicating properly, lack of leadership engagement and more. Make your program THRIVE by following a few key principals and benchmarks. Work with us to help you customize your programs,tailored to your population, work environment and culture. Contact us for a customized quote for wellness consulting services.

Build Strategically

To ensure that workplace wellness initiatives change the corporate culture it must be structured and integrated into existing workplace dynamics and start straight from the top with leadership engagement.

Assess and Reassess

Change is inevitable in people, culstures and the environment. Frequent assessments of your program are required to ensure that it still meets people where they are.

Employee Engagement

Involving employees in the design of your program is necessary to gain buy in and a level of commitment. Include all levels of staff and management teams on committees, teams and discussions about the program.

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